Northern Kentucky Young Republicans

Founded in 2014. Here to stay.

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Our mission is to recruit, inform, and empower young Republican professionals throughout Northern Kentucky, to register and elect Republicans to office, and articulate conservative principles of limited government, separation of powers, and individual liberty.



This is what we do:


Be Awesome.

We strive to create a community of young Republican professionals throughout the Northern Kentucky region to connect with each other in a mostly informal social setting to ensure that people with common interests can come together.


Be Republican.

We promote the basic ideal of being Republican. We have Republicans on all ends of the spectrum though, and welcome anyone to our meetings! We're friendly, we promise!


Be Social.

At the core, we're a very social organization. Actually, that's all we do is socialize. Whether it be bowling with our Representative, working on campaigns, having our monthly breakfast, our a grill-out, we love to meet up and have a good time!


Have Fun.

This goes hand in hand with being social, but our most important aspect about the club is having fun!!


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